About Trans Oleum

Trans Oleum is Latin and can be translated into beyond petroleum. We are an independent consulting company providing services in the field of fuels, transportation and environment, providing tailor made analysis of the oil market, assessment of price trends for petroleum products to assessments of CO2 emissions using life cycle analysis methodology.

Trans Oleum coordinates the SCOPE network that arranges seminars and provide business intelligence for companies from the Swedish industry. Our office is located in Stockholm.

Latest events

On the 14th of March, Trans Oleum presented at the 9th chemical and storage tanker conference in London. There is also an interview in Tanker Shipping & Trade.

A presentation along with a walkthrough describing how the added CO2 emissions occur are available here: CO2 and the fuel switch part 1 and part 2.

CO2 emissions linked to to the fuel switch in the maritime industry

The sulphur directive taking effect in January 2015 in the Baltic, English Channel and North Sea has reduced sulphur emissions from the shipping industry by over 85 %. Several studies also indicates only minor changes in CO2 emissions but none of them have included the altered behavior in the refining industry and thereby do not capture the holistic perspective that indicate indirect emissions may have increased by up to 100 million tonnes of CO2 annually due to the maritime fuel switch. How the added emissions occur is described in the report CO2 and sulphur emissions from the shipping industry.